Some photos from around the farm, mostly for fun.  Some of these are of construction or projects in progress; rest assured that we finish what we start and if the photo makes something look like a mud pit its only for posterity.

Featured is our German Shepherd Rocky, we call him "house wolf", he came to us via Virginia German Shepherd Rescue.  Also shown is Trooper, or "little wolf", hes an owner surrender from Kentucky.  He threw up on the flight back from Lexington and hasn't let us forget how unfair that was.

Also featured are the bees of Mountain Crest Farm, a side project funded by the Virginia Beehive Grant Program and the source of hours of entertainment.

Certain members of the Mountain Crest family are very into weather, possibly too much so.  In addition to little temperature sensors placed all around the farm we have a couple of Personal Weather Stations (PWS).  PWS  KVAHAYMA39  covers Virginia while PWS KFLWESTP1244 covers Florida.  If you want a PWS of your own, and lets face it, you do, you can buy one here.

If you made it all the way down here maybe you're looking for THE SECRET PAGE?