We are proud to be associated with the following brands. We only accept sponsorship for products we use and believe in. Each of these companies offer the best in their industires, we would be thrilled to show you why.


Dressage Sport Boots, LLC

DSB supplies comfortable but rugged boots. In addition to their superb quality, they look and fit great. 

Ride Safe

Horses can be unpredictable, Ride Safe ensures that should an accident happen the critical information medical professionals need is on you, not in your car.

J&P Lawn, Inc

The name suggest lawns, but John and Patty do farms.  Anytime we need earth moved, footing improved, big things fixed, we turn to John and Patty.

Neue Schule

New School bits are engineered using modern techniques and with incredible attention to materials, design and craftsmanship.

MDC Strrrups

MDC Stirrups are cleverly designed and superbly manufactured. Stirrups seem like such a small thing, but Martin's 20 years of refinement really make a difference in a way that counts.

style stock

Handmade in California Style Stock ties, pins and show apparel add a polished look any show ring outfit.

J & D Wood Products

Everyone knows the "beaver bag".  We only use J&D's products because they are dust free, quality controlled, and simply the best bedding your horse can have.

Custom Saddlery does what their name says, they make custom saddles that simply fit.